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Getting Started


LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. In short, it is the idea of immersing yourself in a character with others in a world beyond our own. LARPs can explore any world with a common goal of immersive game playing.



What sets Chronicles of the Realm apart from other LARPs is the intricate tree maps we have created on our backend: all outcomes of gameplay are based on the player’s choices. We aim to make Chronicles of the Realm a LARP that is tailored specifically to the individuals playing so that they find themselves making the most of their adventure.

There are several factors that make The Chronicles of the Realm a very unique experience.


• We are a 42-hour overnight LARP on the grounds of Camp Cedar Point in Makanda, IL. You will be placed in sleeping quarters with your chosen House. These sleeping quarters reflect the character you have chosen, fully immersing yourself in their world.

• We provide five meals- dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch- to be eaten in the Great Hall. We also provide post-dinner revelry and dancing. It’s a wonderful way to get to know other characters, the world, and to discover new information.

• All NPCs are highly trained actors and combatants. Chronicles of the Realm relies on well-crafted theatrical scenes to move the plot forward but relies on our participants to be the main action of the plot.

• Our game is fully immersive. We require our participants and performers to be fully costumed. We also provide certain foam weaponry and costume pieces.

• Our game helps you create characters you can cherish for your whole life. We are available to assist you through every step of character creation process and your characters will become a part of official Chronicles of the Realm cannon.


• Our game is a reactionary world where your choices have real consequences and your decisions shape the world.

What Will I Do?


We base a lot of our gameplay on the power of Choice, which is why we allow Players to submit their own characters and backstories. After that, we will send you a survey that asks very particular questions about your character. "What does your character desire most? What is your deepest secret?" We then build a game around your answers. It is a truly collaborative experience between Player and Game Designer.

The faster you register, the more we can cater your experience.

Along the way, there will be personal quests, debates, mysteries, politics, romances, and treasure. We hope that you fully embrace the world of Amelor and get lost in it. That way, you will be free to enjoy and live the fantastical experience that you can tell to your friends and family for years to come.