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Amelorians, for the most part, believe that History, and Life, is cyclical. What goes around, comes around- and (for better or for worse) deserves to be relived. Therefore, the Amelorian calendar is based on Ages, which each month corresponding with is own Age. Some Ages have passed, and some have yet come to Pass. Within these months, there are celebrations corralating with Historical events. For Amelorians, this is how they honor and relive the past.

Month One: The Month of the Fool: The First Age

This month symbolizes the First Age, marked with the opening of the Gates to the Astral Plane and letting Spirits into the Realm of Men. Aldens believe of the time before "The Fool's Month" to be a paradise, where men controlled their own destinies. Day 1 - or Manra to Rangers - is a festival celebrating the arrival of The Great Spirit. Candles are lit before dawn and the Rangers watch the sunrise over the area where they believe the first gate opened, called The Circle of Pines. Common folk celebrate Manra by decorating their doors with garland, ornaments, and sculpture. They leave food out on their doorsteps as a sign for hospitality, and when the food is eaten the next day, children are told The Great Spirit must have visited, although usually it is the poor. The Fool's Month, as it is named, has a double meaning, depending on your house. For Aldens, it's the Fools Month because this is when Men allowed Spirits into the Realm of Amelor. To Rangers, the Fool is more symbolic. It is a time of innocence and discovery for The Great Spirit, since it was getting acclimated to the land and discovering the new world and it’s inhabitants. Aelatry is another holiday that lasts 2 days, going into the next month, mostly celebrated by the Corsins. It's a masquerade of mistaken identity, and is supposed to symbolize The Great Spirit beginning to try and take on human form.

Month Two: Spiritbliss: The Second Age Spiritbliss (or to the Alden's, Spiritblight)

This is the age where The Great Spirit began taking humanoid form and walked among men, sometimes in secret, to learn more about them - the beginning of the month celebrated by the Corsins as "Fool's Day” or Aelatry, which starts just at the end of Month of the Fool.

Month Three: Spiritsplit: The Third Age

After a great time had past, The Great Spirit began to grow jealous of Men for their ability to love, grow, and reproduce. It attempted to split itself in two separate entities. By sacrificing itself, The Great Spirit became two halves. This is celebrated on Day 89 of Spiritsplit, known as the Kasalava. Everyone in the Kingdom wears a black and white mask, usually split down the middle, to signify the split. It is worth noting that the Spiritum Magnas religion, the chosen religion among Rangers, seeks to unify the two halves again of The Great Spirit. After this happens, they believe peace will once again return to the Realm.

Month Four: Dueltide: The Fourth Age 

Dueltide marks the birth of The Duel Spirits- Veeanon (the Uncorrupted Spirit to the Aldens, as they do not like giving Spirits human names or forms) and Venraven (the Corrupted Spirit to Aldens). Venraven held into its heart the jealousy The Great Spirit once held for Men, where Veeanon began to explore its newly found capacity to love and reproduce.

Month Five: Tryst: The Fifth Age

Veeanon fell in love with a Mortal man, Ayr, and started to procreate- angering Venraven. Ayr, and his offspring, became The Goldenbloods, half-spirit, half-man. Ayr and his offspring enchanted the Isle of Amelor and rose to power quickly. Ayr's brother, Belzyren (later shortened to "Belzen") started to establish an economy for Amelor. Secretly, Belzen collaborated with his confident Inaimin Alden to learn the secrets of the Spirits and how to negate their influence. Inaimin was able to ascertain certain wards, potions, and techniques to help subvert Spirit charisma, and his tactics became the beginnings of the Alden Order.

Month Six: Lyrtide: The Sixth Age

The Age of the Goldenbloods reigned supreme. Veeanon inspired many creations as she helped her offspring rise to power, including the building of Storm's Veil. Venraven, in the meantime, disappeared from humanity, save one girl, the peasant Freya. He began teaching her not only secrets of the world she lived in, but also the secrets of his own Realm, the Astral plane. This is where the Arcanists would grow from. Freya became Venraven's cherished pupil.

Month Seven: Goldenrise: The Seventh Age

High King Ayr and Veeanaon, wanting to expend the human lifespan, developed together the art of Chrysalis. Chrysalis is a period of incubation for humans. Once a human goes through Chrysalis, they come out Elven. Although they have faint memories of their past life, there is a shift in personality. Usually, one of the Elven will disavow their relationships and families of their past lives and seek out new experiences. The Belzen bloodline abstains from Chrysalis, although they start making profit among high ranking nobles who want to overdo the ritual. With the Goldenblood's artificially expanding their lifespans, their reigns- although peaceful, become significantly longer. Although the Belzen's are accumulating wealth and have a connection to Ayr's "Lyris" line, they start forming a plan with the Alden's to overthrow the Elves and Goldbloods.

Month Eigth: Silverspear: The Eigth Age

The Silverbloods and Aldens lay their plans down and try to usurp Lyr's bloodline to the throne. Veeanaon, out of desperation, opens another gate to the Astral Plane and summons more Spirits to her aid. As they come through the gates at dawn the day of the siege, they glimmered gold on the edge of the horizon. Although not as powerful as The Great Spirit, these fey-like beings have magical prowess and a natural charisma. The Aldens and Silverbloods retreat- a solemn act that the Aldens remember by Traival, a seven day holiday named after Knight Commander Traival, who fell on the battlefield during the siege. Public and private expressions of forgiveness are common, as well as honoring acts of bravery. An Alden may also annul contracts that he has made and forgive debts during this period. If you ask a favor of an Alden, you should do so during this time. After the humiliating defeat, the Silverbloods build their own capitol off the coast, the Dareyeus Isles. In secret, they elevate a new house into power, The Corsin House. After an unflattering reputation of playing bandits and assassins, the Silverbloods look to them to gain cultural influence. The Aldens, too prideful and moral to see the elevation of the Corsins, build their own fortress to the North.

Month Nine: Silverfall: The nineth Age

With the Silverbloods and Corsins in charge of coin and culture throughout Amelor, they rise in power. Instead of using military might, they switch tactics by stopping trade and goods from coming into the city of Storm’s Veil. (Also, there might have been a few well timed assassinations.) The capitol eventually concedes, and the Goldenbloods and Silverbloods combine to become The Royal House. The culture of Amelor still demands a Goldenblood on the throne, but the position becomes more of that of a figurehead. The Silverbloods are really the ones behind the scenes, pulling the strings. Much to the chagrin of the Aldens, the Silverbloods allow and even welcome Spirits and Elves to Amelor. Also one thing of note,  Corsin house celebrates its creation with the 7 day festival of Saierah. It's just a COINCIDENCE that it happens the week after Traival and in no way is meant to undermine Alden broodiness and offer the people a way to celebrate after atoning for their sins.

Month Ten: Oathbreaker: The Tenth Age

Oathbreaker represents the current age - where Chronicles of the Realm began. The Rangers rumor that on The Celestine, another Great Spirit will come through the gate - The Dusk Spirit - and judge Amelor for its misdeeds against Spirit-kind. It is the main reason why Rangers seek to unite the two halves of The Great Spirit into one entity again, as they believe that judgment will pass favorably on the Realm if this happens. So every Eve of the Celestine is an uneasy one, even non-believers. Will this be the year The Dusk Spirit comes through the gate for Judgement? It is on the eve of the Celestine that Storm's Veil is attacked by an unknown force and on the day of the Celestine that the game begins at Chapter One. There will be many talks about if The Dusk Spirit has returned, or is this an outside invader, or is it an insider using our superstitions against us? Usually, there is a giant feast and dancing on Celestine to commemorate The Dust Spirit not entering the gate and Amelor can live another year in peace without Judgement.

Month Eleven: Judgement: The Eleventh Age

This is an Age that is set in the future, once the Dusk Spirit comes and Judges the Isle. Most Houses have separate viewpoints on The Eleventh Age. Aldens believe this is when the ultimate battle between the invading Spirits and Humans will occur. The Rangers of the Great Spirit believe this will be the end of the world as we know it, or that The Dusk Spirit will allow the world to remain if it finds The Great Spirit is whole. The Arcanists work to summon The Dusk Spirit- they do not believe in the superstitions of the time, as they are only based in myths. The Dusk Spirit is another Great Spirit who will allow for a better understanding of The Astral Plane.

Month Tweleve: Ameltide: The Cycle Starts anew

Another age that will yet come to pass, depending on the outcome of The Judgement. However, most note that this will be a time of rebirth for Amelor. The Aldens believe this will be a time of true piece, when the Realm of Amelor will return to men. The Rangers believe this is when The Astral Plane and Realm merge to become one realm and death will no longer exist. A thing to note- Corsins and Royals have a little more flexibility when it comes to beliefs. Corsins general outlook on religion is "To each his own!" It's not the past or the future you should be worrying about anyway. It's the present. There is another belief that Amelor is in a constant loop and that the cycle will continue to the end of time, hence the months of the calendar and reliving the past events with holidays and even month names. Who's to say for sure?