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For Glory, For Honor, For Alden


The Alden family believes that all ill deeds are conducted as retribution and manipulation from the Spirit world and that those who dine and dwell with Spirits are destined for a life of misfortune - for themselves and everyone they touch. The only exemption they give for this is the Royal Family. 

Aldens use brute strength to eliminate dark magic users and promote those who do good deeds. They are characterized by bravery, steadfastness in values, and a desire for humankind, alone, to inherit the world.

Paladin Knight

You are a recruit and training to become a Knight of the Realm. Knight Commander Gregori will keep a close eye on you.


House Harrow: The Ravens

The Speakers of House Alden, known for their diplomacy


House Madellion: The Tower

The Watchers of House Alden, known for being the Wardens of Gregor's Rock and the Jailors of the Gregorkin - those House Alden have banished

House Pentaghast: The Dragon

Hermits that have taken over the city of Heightswatch, the Pentaghasts await the arrive of their Mortal King, which has been now revealed to be Benedict Griffin Corsin Belzen, son of Lord Byrncroft Belzen and Lady Illyria Corsin

House Adair: The Bloom

The newest Bannermen under House Alden, they are known for organizing the agriculture for feeding the Alden troops, as well as hosting the Harvest Festival where Knights of the Realm compete for favor amongst the nobility. They are currently in turmoil after a scandal of Knight Phillippe Adair who broke his sacred vow by conceiving a child with his charge, Princess Clayre Lyris-Dargoth. Those of the Adair family feel they must make up for this debt.