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House Corsin

Always Watching, Never Known


An always-steady House, the Corsins blossomed under the tutelage of the Belzen House. Under their  leadership, the Corsin House grew in abundance, both in the field and in selling underground goods and services. Members of House Corsin are the inventors of the black market and lead a double life. On the surface it appears that the Corsins are content with their lot in life, but they are expert dealers behind closed doors. They are characterized by their cunning, exceptional success at petty crime, and feisty humor.

The Corsin House is always in a bit of turmoil, with siblings Illyria Corsin and Anders Corsin always at each other's throat for power over the House.



Under the guidance of Illyria Corsin, she has taught you the ways of the darkness and how to kill with stealth.


Anders doesn't believe in hiding in the shadows: he hides in plain sight and uses his charm to get the information he requires.