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NPCs of the Realm

“I shall never leave my fate to anyone's hands but my own. Except for Illyria. I might leave my fate to her.”

Byrncroft is the leader of the Belzen line- although dubiously at times. He's emotional and quick to anger, leading many within his own family to challenge his reign (most notably his shrewd brother, Baldwin). Nevertheless, he has maintained a lasting alliance with Lady Illyria Corsin by conceiving a child with her, Benedict Gryffin "Gryff" Belzen, who will lay claim to both the Corsin and Silverblood Houses, and he has worked hard to maintain the love of the people by leveraging his family's great wealth to assist those in need. He further cemented his alliance with the Corsins when Lady Illyria agreed to take his hand in marriage.

Lord Byrncroft Belzen | Royal

"From the Earth we were born, and to the Earth we will return."

Erie was abandoned by her family as a child. After living on her own for a time, surviving off of the Earth, The High Druid Talon found her and brought her under his wing. She was trained in the ways of the Ranger and currently resides at Stronghold Castle. Over the years, MoonRoot's natural connection to nature and animals flourished and she moved up quickly in rank. As Talon's number one disciple, she lead many missions and has helped in keeping Stronghold the safe, welcoming place it is today. Upon Talon's demise, she rose to the rank of High Druid in his place.

Erie "Moonroot" | Ranger

"You shouldn't need a reason to help someone."

Born into a life of privilege, Veros grew up amongst the petty squabbles of the royal families. Goldenblood and Silverblood alike cared not for the people in need around their mansions and high towers, squandering their resources to settle their struggles for power. Veros was often ostracized by his peers due to him never knowing his parents; his mother passed away during his birth and according to many nobles his father died "like the penniless vagrant he was". Unaware of his true heritage, the royal family continued to treat him as an outsider and a burden on their duties. Despite this (or perhaps because of it), Veros grew into a young noble that sought only to help those less fortunate than himself, treating others with the respect that he was often denied from his adoptive family. However, the noble family and Veros did share common ground in that they held a  great reverence for the spirit world. It is through this reverence and years of study in the spirit world that Veros began to learn the truth of his heritage; that he was in fact the son of the Uncorrupted spirit Veeanon Ayr Lyris. This earned him the title of "The Forgotten Son" amongst the spirit world. Yet, this wasn't the only revelation for Veros to find; for the spirits also informed him that his mother hadn't perished in his birth, and was in fact alive but that her whereabouts were unknown. Keeping, this great knowledge to himself Veros quietly left one morning before dawn without so much as a goodbye letter to his adoptive family, convinced that he wouldn't be missed. Thus far, he has been proven right as he has not come across anyone searching for him on behalf of the nobility. In his search for a mother that he never knew, Veros only hopes that he can promote peace between the spirit world and humanity in his wake.

Veros | Ranger - Goldenblood

Queen Regent Aravah

"Like the snake who guards her eggs, I will protect what is mine."

Aravah is the only remaining child of Vaer Dargoth, the first Oracle of Varyia. She grew up without a mother and was taught the methods of light and dark magik by the Arcanists, led by her father, High Sorcerer Dargoth. Aravah's powerful abilities were apparent, even as a child, and as she grew into womanhood they only increased in their potency. When King Lyrion, lover of the Uncorrupted, the First King of Men, and the Chrysalisbringer sought Aravah to foresee the future of Amelor's harvest, he saw much more in her than he expected.  In a matter of days, she accepted Lyrion's proposal of marriage and they wed at dusk on the steps of the castle. 

Queen Regent Aravah | Arcanist

"With kindess she kills them. with strength, she buries them."

Raven is the only child and rightful heir to the High Throne of Amelor, although she is only eleven years of age. Raised by her mother, Raven is used to manipulating the Astral Plane of the Spirits, and seems to have inherited her Mother’s talent for magic. 

Princess Raven Dargoth-Lyris | Arcanist

"What is wrong, the old will set right."

Nael’s age cannot be determined as he has been reborn many times over. He has been through Chrysalis successfully repeatedly and knows its secrets.  Nael is a being of science.  He believe's in magic's existence yet knows in his heart that true power lies in science.  Nael is often found in the library of Stronghold researching history and believes knowledge to be mighter than magic or steel.   Nael does not respect or care for Aravah.  Although they are members of the same cult, he sees her belief in magic to be misguided. Nael is also curious about Raven, Aravah's daughter.  He doesn't know what she is but is very suspicious of her. 

Nael Wymerns | Arcanist

"To defeat the darkness, one must dance with the shadows..."

Through it all, Illyria remains faithful to one thing above all: her family.  It is for this reason that Ceryin has been kept ignorant of the worst of the families business. Illyria has seemingly turned a blind eye to their relationship, hoping that she can keep her sister safe in anyway she can. She has no desire for her beloved Cery to spend a night like she did after their father’s death, learning the harsh realities of the world they live in.   For all her jaded views of the world, she does believe in the light. 

Lady Illyria Corsin | Corsin

"The worst lives are the ones we tell ourselves."

Ceryin is the youngest daughter of the illustrious House Corsin, and the younger sister of Assassin Guild Leader Illyria Corsin. She has lead quite a sheltered life until now, managing to stay blissfully ignorant of her family's darker ties due to the constant efforts of her older sister. However, since the collapse of Storm's Veil, and her marriage to Tarrik Alden, Ceryn has taken a more central role in Amelor, most recently being appointed to lead Queen Regent Aravah's council.

Lady Ceryin Corsin | Corsin

"You must never confuse faith with trust. Stone breaks. Iron rusts. Unshakable faith goes unrewarded. Need, human need, is the only thing I trust."

Anders might be ruthless, a sly trickster, and a master thief who steals from the rich and then sells it on the black market. Known for his eloquence, Anders is known throughout the Realm for his way with words.

Lord Anders Corsin | Corsin

“The only spirits I like are the ones that I drink.”


Knight Commander Gregori Alden is one of the youngest Knight Commanders of any age, raising the banner for House Alden after the unfortunate accident involving the death of his brother, Knight Commander Hamish Alden. Struggling with the massive defeat at Storm’s Veil, it is by Gregori’s invitation that Five Pinnicles of Power think to take the Rangers up on their offer of safe haven at Stronghold Castle.  He was last seen en route to the Corsin DeKoven estate for the wedding of Byrncroft Belzen and Illyria Corsin, but he didn't show. He is rumored to be a hostage of the rogue Whiteshield faction of the Alden army.

Knight Commander Gregori Alden | Alden

“We are all but folk.”


Orphaned in the last conflict, Tarrik was raised beside his cousin Gregori, Heir to the House Alden. Closer than brothers the boys learned, played, and fought together. One of the few to see the human side of the legendary Knight Commander Alden, Tarrik developed a philosophy that all humans are equal, and their actions alone dictate their quality. This has led many of the nobles to question his loyalty and resolve, especially in light of a recent scandal involving House Corsin. However, following the events at Stronghold castle and his marriage to Lady Ceryn Corsin, Tarrik earned the trust of the major houses and was selected as the new Alden Knight Commander in Gregori's place.

Knight of the Realm Tarrik Alden | Alden

“Do you truly believe that any man worries me?”


Katreene boarded a ship to escape her landlocked life at 10 pretending to be a boy. As she blossomed, she couldn't hide her true self any longer. The then pirate king, Blackthorn, took a liking to her. Soon after she was fighting along side the men and earning her place leading one of the pirate kings ships. She married the pirate king and, together, they were a force to be feared. Their love was as violent as the sea itself. One night after an intense fight, Katreene killed her husband. The crew stood in awe of her strength and resolve. She assumed the title of the pirate queen. Tales of the murder of Blackthorn gave way to her nickname, The Black Widow. Under her lead, pirate life has flourished from her alliance with the Corsins.

Captain Katreene Malyce | Pirate