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Due to their close proximity to the spirit world, Amelorians maintain a close bond to religion and spirituality. All religious factions on the Isle of Amelor stem from one main creation story.

"I am many in one."


The people of Amelor know me well, not by face nor by name, but ne'er a minute ticks on where my influence is not felt. Sometimes I lie dormant, waiting for the pin to drop. Sometime I rage against the thatched rooftop of the lowly folk. Sometimes I am the sleek lips upon a pinnacle of power.  I have no recollection of my early days. When I was younger I learned that I could be many things, all at once. My brother abandoned me when he discovered what I was, leaving me to stalk my prey and hunt for sustenance  alone. While he was praised and uplifted by the people, I was dug into the dirt and spat upon. Until I learned that my power was even greater than his, more thriving and more infectious. And much like a disease, I learned how to multiply myself and my mission began to expand exponentially. Throughout my time on Amelor, I admit to have taken lovers of all sorts but until recently was unaware that I, myself, could reproduce my form. 

-The Corrupted Spirit, Venraven

Major Arcana

Major Arcanians seek to not only follow the spirits, but manipulate and shape the spirit world. Majors believe that the spirits hold the greatest power and unanswered questions of existence, and through their manipulation, non-spiritual kind can elevate to the magik level of the spirit world.

Minor Arcana

Minor Arcanians seek to follow the spirits, learn from their ways, and put them to use in the non-spirital world around them. Minors do not seek to steal from the spirit world or manipulate their magik for their own use. The magik of the spirits should only be reserved for those who prove themselves worthy of altruistic desires.


Equilibrists believe in harmony between the spirit and non-spirit world. They seek a unity between all life forms and a respect for their differences. They believe that there is a reason that spirits were gifted magik and non-spiritual forms were gifted the ability to easily reproduce. Any magik given to a non-spirit being is a gift from the spirits and should be revered.


Inwardians believe in the self as reflected though the mirror. Spirits cannot see their reflection through glass and therefor do not exist in a concrete world. Non-spiritual kind make physical contact with everything they see. Spirits do not and the spiritual realm is a world of the past. The Isle of Amelor was created by the sweat and labor of non-spirituals and these non-spirituals deserve to inherit it.

Spiritum Magnas

A new religion, Spiritum Magnas believe that Amelorians must find the Corrupted and Uncorrupted, forge them back together, and reincarnate the Great Spirit that once was. They believe that it is only when the original spirit halves are reunited that peace will spread throughout the land, the endless tempest upon the sea will cease, and Amelorians may venture out to discover the rest of the world.