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The Arcanists

Knowledge and Power Come from Eyes Always Open


Rumors once ran rampant through the land about The Arcanists’ affiliation with dark magic and their dismissiveness of the The Spirits. Not revering the Astral Beings, they sought to claim their power for themselves, building the ancient Stronghold Castle in ages past to hold and hide their experiments. Throughout time, most Arcanists practiced in secret until the High Sorceress Aravah married High King Lyrion Lyris, forging a powerful alliance. Arcanists have shed their name in favor of admittance into the Cult of the Corrupted. They favor high intellect, exploration of the mind, and a desire to steal knowledge from the Spirits. 



Members of the Arcanist House are characterized by their insatible thirst for knowledge, fearlessness, and dedication to their leader, Queen Regent Aravah and her daughter - Princess Raven Dargoth-Lyris.