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Within the reach of the crown


Since the merger of Veeanon with High King Ayr in the 5th Age, there has always been a Royal Line in Amelor. If you have chosen the Royal House, your character is a direct decendant of either High King Ayr (Goldenblood) or his brother, Belxyren “Belzen” Lyris (Silverblood). Due to Goldenbloods developing the ritual of Chrysalis as a way to expand their lifespans, there has been a decided split within the Royal Houses throughout the Ages. Silverbloods keep their distance away from the ritual.


It is generally whispered that Goldenbloods are only figureheads at this point, with Silverbloods the ones actually working behind the scenes to keep Amelor afloat.


With the blood of the Uncorrupted Spirit Veeanon flowing through their veins, Goldenbloods are naturally Spiritborne and have hints of Spiritblood running through their veins. Due to this, Goldenbloods are usually born with bright blonde hair. In extreme circumstances, they can even be born with the signature jewel-toned hair colors that other Spiritblood races encounter within the realm.


Hailing from Belzen's ancestry, Silverbloods are all about the ends justifying the means. They control the economy in Amelor, and through the Ages have brought to power the Corsin House to tighten their grasp on the Black Market. They also have a strong connection with the Alden House, as Aldens are generally weary of the Goldenbloods due to their connection with the Spirits. A good Belzen is a master negotiator, although some are better than others...