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What Should I Bring?

A zest for adventure! and. . .

• Two Good Pairs of Shoes/Boots, whether its boots or comfortable tennis shoes you place boot covers over

• Water shoes or flip flops for the shower

• Your costume. Note that there will be three days of play in the month of September. Some Players may choose to bring multiple costumes. That detail is up to you. We are also outdoors - be sure to bring a thick cape to combat the elements!

• Nightwear/Nightgown

• Bug Repellant and Sunscreen

• Wash cloths/Towels

• Pillows, blankets, and sheets for your bunk

• Soap/Shampoo/Brush/Comb

• Toothpaste + Toothbrush

• Snacks! Please try to stay away from products that contain nuts

• Deodorant and other toiletries

• Lantern

• Phone Charger

• Water canteen