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What Should I wear?

The Chronicles of the Realm is a fully immersive LARP and therefore requires attire fitting for your character. Being in costume truly elevates your experience, as well as the experience of those around you, to the next level of game play. As you create your character, we are always here to work with you on costuming and have several costuming references and websites for you to visit. Our Staff has worked extensively in non-profit theatre, and can help you create something memorable, as well as comfortable, for even a modest budget.

All players are required to submit their costume information before we play

Furthermore, modern items from our current world should be kept at a minimum. Although you will be staying overnight, please try and bring only one bag of additional items. After all, some of you may not be getting much sleep to begin with! You never know when the Ancient Ones may come a-knocking. Any additional water, beverages, or snacks are allowed. We want our heroes to be well-fed and ready to take on any challenge they face! That being said, the more your items are ingratiated into the fantasy world, the more fun you will have. Feel free to get creative with anything you bring with you on your journey.

Steel Weapons are for NPCs only. Only weapons from Epic Armoury, Dark Night Armory, Altier Nemesis, or Iron Fortress will be allowed in combat. No handmade weapons (sword, dagger, etc.) will be permitted. If you bring your own weapon, you must notify us and let us know the brand and model of your weapon. If you do not own a weapon, one can be rented to you for a small fee. We will do a weapons check at check-in for the game. This is to ensure safety and immersion in combat.