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Mortals Must Retake the Realm


“Since the moment Spirits entered the Realm of Men, Mortals have been fighting for the power to control our destinies. Spiritbloods have dictated our rulers, lifespans - and have even gone so far as rewriting the natural laws of our world. It hasn't always been this way. There was a time when Mortals flourished and the land provided. Now, the soil grows barren, Corrupted by us bowing before a Spiritblood ruler. No more. The time of Spirits is ending. The time of Mortals approaches. Which side of history will you choose?"

-Ulfred Valonstarr

Senary Whiteshield of Mortals

Whiteshield Knight

Not much is known about The Whiteshields, a radical order of Aldens who call the city of Lystar home. Rumors speak of a city on a cliff, where followers are asked to jump from the tallest peak into the icy waters below to prove their faith in the power of Mortalblood. Those who survive receive a white shield and are considered purified. The Primer - the Whiteshield leader - always sits at the Alden Wartable in Bastille Caslian, usually silent, but listening with intense eyes. Even with their radical views, the Knights on the battlefield are a sight to behold.​