Five centuries ago, the people of Amelor chose to usher in a new age of peace, prosperity, and partnership. The Archipelago flourished under the guidance of the Great Spirits and the Senate.

This peace endured the founding of the rival kingdom of Strykaria, the meteoric rise of technology and magic, and the discovery of the Impenetrable Continent.

But now, a
 smooth stone ship looms large on the horizon, threatening this enduring peace. It sails under no color. Magical attempts to discern the vessel’s purpose have failed. The ship returns no hail.


The United Kingdoms of Reya agree that the ship originates from beyond the wall of the Continent. But tensions mount as the people of Amelor, Melosine, and Strykaria scramble to assemble a delegation to establish first contact.

You have been invited to Soracine on behest of a local politician to celebrate the Eve of the Celestine, the most superstitious day on the Amelorian calendar. You were not sure you would attend, however, a few days before the event, it was discovered that the ship would make landfall at Soracine on the night of the party.

The fate of the Realm depends on who-- or what-- lurks inside this ship of stone...


Chronicles of the Realm is an all-inclusive weekend where you will be transported to the high fantasy setting of the United Kingdoms of Reya.

Tickets include:

• Two night, three day stay at The DeKoven Center, a sprawling gothic estate built in the 1800s suited with a cathedral on the grounds - everything, including game, room, and meals, is on site and is also ADA accessible.

• 5 catered meals: Friday dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner; and Sunday brunch.

• Multiple quests, including late night missions dependent on Player Choices.

• Custom character creation, one-on-one, with the Game Master.

• A House Gift, Dependent on House Chosen.


"Going to my first LARP I had no idea what I was getting myself into but the moment I stepped into the castle and was greeted as a friend and smelled the fire in the hearth all of the anxiety that had built up washed away and was replaced by excitement and intrigue."







Otherworld Theatre Company

c/o: Moonrise LARP Games

3914 N. Clark Street • Chicago, IL 60626



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