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The forces of Amelor are preparing to valiantly defend its shores against the encroaching armies of the Ingvohl - a fungal people from The Continent who will stop at nothing to retrieve their Pillar. The Pillar, assigned at birth to be the vessel for the Ingvohl hive mind, escaped to Amelor seeking political asylum and an alliance. Those present at first contact made the potentially cataclysmic decision to grant asylum to the Pillar who yearned to have their own autonomy. 


The Ingvohl have declared war. 


Not everyone in Amelor is pleased with this decision to risk everything for one person.


On the outskirts of New Lystar, home of the Technomancers, lies the magically protected country retreat of the High Chancellor, Allerton Manor. Hearing word of the Ingvohl and the oncoming threat, the High Chancellor has decided to host a ball at the estate, gathering the power and influential to rally support for the war effort.


Favors. Whispered deals. Secrets. Courtly intrigue. There is no telling what lies in store beyond the northern horizon of The Continent. For some, it’s preparing for war. For others, it’s holding the line.

What choices will you make to preserve what you hold dear? What prices are you willing to pay?

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