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The Isle of Amelor is home to four known races: Human, Elves, Spiritborne, and Shadowborne


Humans make up a majority of the population on the Isle of Amelor. They are the most physically dominating race and fully capable of safe reproduction. Humans excel at adaptation to their surrounding, physical combat, and have built the Isle of Amelor, from the ground up, to its current glory. King Lyrion, a Human, holds the highest recognizable seat of power in the realm.


One can only become Elvish after going through Chrysalis, an ancient magic ritual which requires one to shed their human form for a youthful rebirth. Once a Human reaches the age of 187, they are given an opportunity to attempt Chrysalis. Chrysalis is a painful voyage that requires one to complete feats of mind, body, and soul; however, if one succeeds, they are reborn into a perfect Elvish form until death.


Spirits are rare and very few of them derive from the Great Spirit (Goldenbloods). Individuals with a high affinity for their Spirit heritage can be spotted by their jewel-colored hair. Unless a Goldenblood, procreation amongst Spiritborne is outlawed under a truce with the Aldens who seek to thin out their numbers. However, some still engage in romantic trysts with Humans. Spirits are also characterized by their inability to experience complex emotion. When they are upset it becomes rage, when they are smitten it becomes love, and when they are curious it becomes obsession.


The Shadow Race are Spirits pulled through the Astral Plane into the Realm of Men against their will. By coming here unwillingly, most long to go back to their Homeworld. Others are corrupted from the desires of Men, very much like The Corrupted Spirit himself.