The Wardens of the Woods

A wayward coalition of vagabonds, runaways, and outcasts, the Rangers of the Great Spirit cultivate harmony between all living things. Rangers seek to preserve and protect the wild places of Amelor. The meteoric rise of technology disquiets the Rangers, as they feel the steady encroach of metal and machinery upon the green places.

Rangers are identifiable by their forehead tattoos. Many of them also wear headdresses of antler or bone adorned with wolf’s teeth, signifying that they are beloved of Vyridion, the Great Spirit of Beasts.


While most Rangers desire to find a peace between the old and the new ways, there are some who believe action must be taken to stem the inexorable march of industry across the archipelago and beyond.



The Hands Behind the Scenes

Once the Corsins walked in the shadows, but over the past few centuries they have come to light. Woe betides anyone who underestimates their overt operations, however, for the Corsins are still the masters of information across Amelor. Anything that needs to be known a Corsin can find out, along with a great many things that would prefer to be kept secret.


Corsins pride themselves on the masks they wear while on the job. Each Corsin receives their own unique mask once they become an agent. Losing the mask is a devastating blow to a Corsin’s reputation, especially if they are unmasked in public.


House Corsin dispatches their agents to observe and report on anything happening in Amelor. Rumors buzz across Amelor like so many bees, and the Corsins are the keepers of the apiary.



Masters of Magic

Once feared as masters of dark arts and forbidden secrets, the Arcanists of Amelor have grown in respect and esteem since the time of Aravah, the last queen of Amelor and head of the Arcanist house. Arcanists channel power from the spirit world with the help of wands and rituals to create magic in contrast with the wilder and less predictable Melosinian Magi. While people take up the Arcanist mantle for a variety of reasons, they share a desire for knowledge. The Arcanists embrace the rise of technology, helping the Technomancers of New Lystar. However, all those blessed with extended sight have seen the same thing- there is something terrible brewing on the horizon for magic in Reya.



The Shield of the Realm

Every Alden swears an oath to shield the people of Amelor from anything that might try to harm them, and to serve as the swords of truth and justice against evil wherever it lurks. They are the Knights of the Realm, the arbiters of the law, bastions of honor and virtue. Many Aldens embrace magic as Arcane Knights or augment their martial prowess with Lystarian technomancy. Aldens know that they must be ever-vigilant against the dark forces of the world, for they are never gone, only temporarily quelled.



The Followers of Finn

As from the ashes of Lystar rose a beautiful city, so did the Technomancers rise from the ranks of the Whiteshields. Once staunch and often overzealous enemies of magic, the Technomancers represent the best of mortal ingenuity. Their miraculous inventions represent the forward progress in Amelor. Many Technomancers trace their ambitions back to Finn Corsin, who many venerate as much if not more than the great spirits that shaped the realm. To a Technomancer, Finn is “the mortal spirit,” the embodied ability of humanity. However, the Technomancers still distrust magic more than most.

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The Voice of the People

Since the dissolution of the monarchy, Amelor has looked to the Senate to guide them safely down the treacherous river of time. The Envoys are the emissaries of the Senate. Their voices are their violence, and their weapons are words, which they know to be the most powerful magic of all. Anywhere the Senate needs them, the Envoys will appear.

GREAT SPIRITS OF AMELOR: Shapers of the Realm

The Twelve Great Spirits created the land of Amelor for mortals to inhabit after their brother, Velbrien, laid waste to the original mortal world of Mara. They wield tremendous power, each being the master of their particular aspect of creation. Most of them faded into myth and legend after their work was done, allowing the mortals to enjoy the benefits of “the flame imperishable,” the spark of life that grants mortals mastery over their own fates. However, Veeanon, the Uncorrupted Half of the Great Spirit, fell in love with a mortal king, creating the spirit bloodline.


Eventually all twelve spirits returned to Amelor in a time of great strife, helping the people of Realm defeat Velbrien and banish him forever. The Amelorians accepted the aid of the spirits and welcomed their return. As time marched inexorably onwards, the Amelorians grew weary of the spirits among them. The spirits themselves remained, but they stopped interfering in the affairs of mortals.

This Class is for Returning Players Only

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The Floating Fraternity

While the pirates of Amelor sail under innumerable colors, a love of salt and sea unties them all. Pirates answer Va’lasheen’s call for their own reasons. Some seek glory on distant shores, some desire to know what lay beyond the horizon, and others look to make as much coin as possible for themselves. Most pirates follow Kat’s Code, a loose set of guidelines to ensure honor among thieves. The Code emphasizes bonds between crewmates and never settling for less when more is possible.


Since the discovery of the Walled Continent, the pirates have been at the forefront of attempts to get beyond the wall.



The Knives in the Dark

The lawless island of Strykaria offers possibility for the enterprising, and the Strykerian Assassins Guild have carved their niche in blood and bone. The Strykerian assassins sell their services to the highest bidder, eliminating those who need to be eliminated and stealing that which needs to be stolen. After every successful job, a Strykerian adds a new braid to their hair to let prospective employers know at a glance how skilled a particular assassin is. Strykerians never hide their faces either on the job or off, preferring to revel in the audacity that comes with eschewing anonymity. A few particularly spiteful Styrkerians have taken to stealing the masks from Corsins and wearing them to public events. The Senate abhors the Assassin’s Guild, and there are whispers that the Envoys have been planning to dismantle the Assassin’s Guild somehow.



The Wielders of Wonder

The Magi of Melosine believe that magic is an extension of the individual, and that spells are the pure and perfect expression of the self. They draw their power from the natural magic of the world, disdaining arcane grimoires and ancient rituals in favor of the raw energy they feel around them.


The Magi will tolerate no threat to magic in Reya. While they disdain fighting, they possess immense power. Natives of the Dreaming Isle, the Magi now find themselves reluctantly anchored to Amelor, and they have begun to fear for the future. Their Oracle foresees a dark day dawning for magic, and the magi seek to stop the threat if they can. However, they do not know where it will come from, or what form it will take.


The Enigmatic Unknowns

The smooth ship that sails for Soracine carries emissaries from the hidden world behind the wall. First contact will soon be made between the United Kingdoms of Reya and whatever people that live beyond the reach of even the Great Spirits. Those onboard the ship cannot be scryed by magic or glimpsed in the dreams of Melosinian seers.

Only one clue about the people behind the wall exists. It is a message in a bottle, fished from the shores of Obarra, written by a half-mad pirate named Bartlebee who claims to have been fished from the ocean by the people of the Continent. If Bartlebee speaks the truth, the people of the Continent are strange beings shaped like humans but with plants and mushrooms growing from their bodies. The pirate's ravings end with a single word, which might be their name - Ingvohl.







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